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▒  *.:。‘゚  Elias knew of the issues with Gladeaux. Erik, his tutor,

               had made sure he knew Arendelle’s relations with all
               its allies and surrounding nations. Gladeaux was one
               of the countries with strained relations with Arendelle
               at best. Erik said the hostility likely sprang from some
               sort of trade dispute, but Elias always doubted that
               cheap, easy answer. Life was rarely so simple and
               clear, especially when it involved kings.

              “Your Majesty, nothing would please me more than to
               see our countries at peace once more after so many
               years of hostility.” He remembered his father’s lessons
               as he smiled, the perfect host: Always be empathetic,
               even if you cannot relate in the slightest. Take care to
               shoulder the blame of those before you, for only then
               can you make amends for their wrongs. This fellow
               young king seemed to know these lessons as well.

              “Tell me,” Elias continued from his throne, “do you
               intend to stay with us long, Your Majesty? I would
               be most honored to host you and your party for
               the duration of your welcome visit.” Elias cast a
               quick glance at the hooded woman, wondering at
               her strange appearance, before turning his eyes
               back to King Marco where they belonged. 

                    It wasn’t until very recently that he’d learned
                    that the conflict with Arendelle, didn’t stem from
                    some poor trade agreement. When asked, any-
                    time Marco would ask about Arendelle or Olivier
                    father would immediately become very aggravated.
                    He’d call them traitor, insisting they turned their back
                    on Gladeaux in a great time of need. When he decided
                    to look into it… He came to find out that no time of need

                    "Thank you, Your Majesty." Despite the rumor’s
                    he’d heard about any ‘anger’ issues had by the
                    Monarch’s of Arendelle, Marco was pleasantly
                    surprised. But at the same time, he stayed weary
                    of the monarch. He knew the rules well. Be the
                    perfect host. He hoped this visit could stay this civil,
                    but knew some raging emotions would come to head.

                    "Unfortunately, I intent to only stay only as long as
                    needed. As I have much to do. I’m currently attempting
                    to mend relations and wrongdoings committed by my
                    father as king. And I came here because I felt his largest
                    crime was toward Arendelle.  Something was taken, and
                    I felt it needed to be returned personally.”

                    Clearing his throat, the king stepped closer to his fellow
                    king who sat upon a magnificent throne. “I’m unaware
                    if you know the truth, as I was kept from it for years. The
                    severance between our kingdoms was not because of
                    trade or a time of war. It was a personal vendetta, Your
                    Majesty.” He couldn’t help but thing back to the poor soul
                    who he kept guarded. Hardening, his eyes remained forward.

                                                    “A personal vendetta against a ‘Princess Anesa of Olivier’,
                                                      or as she was last on record, 'Queen Anesa of Arendelle.

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▒  *.:。‘゚  ❝ What exactly do you want to talk
                  about? I think we’ve both said
                  everything already, so let’s just
                  leave this alone. Let’s just be here
                  for Andrew and not try to fix us.  


        “This? That? Everything Elias.
          I am your mother, Elias you can’t
          just not talk to me. This is serious.
          You say be here for Andrew. Help
          Andrew. I know! but how can we
          actually do that if you’re either at 
          my throat or ignoring me? “

» find me here at last || elias & anesa


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▒  *.:。‘゚  Elias looked on with an amused smile as
               Andrew made his advisors laugh with yet
               another story about Krista’s family. He
               laughed quietly under his breath. He met
               Andrew’s eyes across the table, letting his
               brother know that he did think the tale was
               funny, which only brightened Andrew more.
               He’d never known how much his brother
               craved his attention until a year ago at his
               E V E N T F U L  coronation night.

              Your Majesty.” Kai bowed his head before
 king, speaking quietly in his ear. “The
crowned king of Gladeaux has arrived
craves an audience with you.”

               Unexpected visits were not too unusual.
               Many wanted to meet Arendelle’s magical
               monarch, either to gawk or treat. So Elias
               left his advisors with the crown prince and
               exited to his throne room.

              “Welcome, Your Majesty,” he greeted the
               Gladeauxian king warmly. The young man
               had brought quite a large party, it seemed.
               Including a slightly fussy infant… 

                     The King had a beautiful throne room. As the young king
                 of Gladeaux awaited his allotted company with the new
                 King of Arendelle, he took a few mere moments to take
                 in the architecture. Perhaps he could do something like
                 this with his own throne room. With his dreaded father
                 gone, the young king wished to erase, or mend, every
                 influence of the horrid man’s touch. And that was perhaps
                 was one of the main influences for coming to Arendelle,
                 A country that his father had cut ties with over a dispute
                 before he’d even been born.

                     With him were a single advisor and six armed guards,
                 and surrounded by those guards was slumped feminine
                 figure, who help tightly onto a fussing infant. Passing the
                 guards he spoke soft reassuring words to her in french, his
                  native tongue. To which she responded with a faint ‘Merci'
                 as the King of Arendelle made his entrance.

                    "Thank you for seeing us, Your Majesty. Allow me to introduce
                 myself, King Marco of Gladeaux” He spoke with a thick accent,
                 turning toward blonde man who wasn’t much younger than himself.
                 "I understand that under my father’s rule, Gladeaux and Arendelle
                 were at odds. I come to change that, and to offer and apology.”

                  He couldn’t help but glance back at the cloaked woman.
               How do you apologize to one who’s mother was used in
                 such a manner by his father?



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Disney Concept Art

Holy hell… these are so beautiful <o.o>

wasn’t the mom in frozen brunette?

So somewhere in the process of developing the Lion King, between production of this piece and the final film, someone decided angel giraffes flying around Mufassa’s cloud-face was a BAD idea?

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Rapunzel in a coronation dress - coloured ;)

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