And you know the best thing about this movie is they could have made Felix be the nice guy, be the understanding guy, the only guy who’s kind to Ralph, but they make him just as prejudiced as the other game characters. He wasn’t mean to Ralph per say, but he wasn’t nice either, and definitely didn’t want to get involved with the trouble that followed Ralph around.

It’s only after Felix gets treated badly himself that he starts looking at how Ralph is treated by others, how Ralph is treated by him and changes his attitude.

Because that’s the thing, you don’t have to be the bad guy to be prejudiced. Sometimes you can be the nice guy who doesn’t do anything for or against, and sometimes that’s just as bad.

This movie. Ugh.

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Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

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I’ll swallow my blood before I swallow my pride.
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   ”Whatever fate The Lord may have chosen for us, we couldn’t possibly know now,” he said, hand squeezing hers a little tighter, “Everything could go fine. But even if things turned for the worse, I can’t choose him over you, I just can’t.” 

   Those last words held out more vulnerability in its tone than any words that had passed his lips in the past few hard weeks.

   ”So I forbid it,” he said, “I cannot allow such a thing.” 

       God worked in mysterious ways, that fact Anesa had always known. His fate is hard to predict and not always known. She could perish in childbirth like many others, . Or she could be perfectly fine. there was no way to tell. But heavens, she was terrified. And hearing the desperation, the vulnerability in her normally collected husband’s voice broke her heart. It was the first time she’d really realized that, perhaps he was just as terrified as she was.

     Those bright blue eyes of hers filled to the brim with heavy, hot tears as the bedridden queen stared up at her husband. Without a word, the queen pulled her hands out of her husband’s protective grip. Almost like an overflowing well, hot tears began to fall down the queen porcelain cheeks. Wiping a few away; she reached up, pulling herself up away from the feather mattress and wrapped her arms tightly around her husbands neck as she uncovered herself, now setting on her knees.


       She didn’t know if it was those words, or the hormones. She just loved him so much, Anesa knew so many in loveless royal marriages. She was so lucky to have him by far.

       ”Then forbid it. Because I never want to leave. I just love you so much, but,” Her voice cracked, “I’m scared.”






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Summer Afternoon

People were giving me family feels this week, so I HAD to draw some young Kristanna parents with baby Joseff. He was a big chubby baby~


I was trying to figure out why the sisters’ relationship in Frozen never felt quite real to me, and I realized that it was because all their interactions were so polite. Even their fights were very cordial, all things considered. I would have killed for just one scene when they seriously went at it.

But I mean, I’m not stupid. They are Disney Princesses etc etc.


Dressing Gown

19th Century 

United States


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