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"You look a little lost. Do you need directions?"
"That’s an awesome outfit."
"How’s the chicken? I can’t decide whether to order it or not."
"Excuse me, I think you dropped this."
"I don’t know a single person here…"


"Wow, I’ve never seen an angel before…"
"You’re the hottest person in this place."
"I saw that. You just checked me out."
"Hey, can I get your number?"
*wolf whistle*


"You’re in my seat."
"What are you staring at?"
"You just stepped on my toe!"
"Who do you think you are?"
"Keep it down, will you?"


"Get down - he’s got a gun!"
"Help, I need medical attention!"
"Just kill me now!"
"I need a ride! Please!"
"Are you crazy? It’s too dangerous!"

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It was feeling that wielded up inside of her like a sort of pressure. She first reached out with her pale hands to touch the soft cheek on her best friend. she pulled her close like a lover would placing her forehead on her own as she looked into her eyes. “No man will ever tear us apart i love you to much for that to happen.” 

She leaned forward and kissed her forehead and then she  stopped for a moment to breathe in her scent she alway smelled like flowers to her the kind of scent that lingers once the person has left. She was hesitant at first but she traced Ness’a lip with her finger and she moved to kiss her softly a light brushing of her lips on hers. 

It was a comforting gesture. Something she’d done before. Nessa couldn’t help but smile as her friend took her face into her hands, their foreheads touching. Nessa remained quiet, content as her best friend began to move, but she didn’t quite pull away which was a bit perplexing. Shifting her eyes, Anesa looked to her friend. It was so comforting to have her close.

Sin. As soon  as Analise touched her lips, she knew it was a sin… But she didn’t pull away. Not immediately at least. The feeling of her best friend’s soft lips against her own… It made her heart race and her face flush. It felt nice, but it was sin. It wasn’t right that was what she’d always been told. And the guilt struck her. Pulling away quickly from her friend’s tender touch, Anesa pulled her self out of Ana’s bed and quickly walked back over to her own.

"We have class in the morning Ana."

'I object!'



          “Madden..? Madden, for heavens sakes what are you doing?”


       ”This marrying someone for the sake of— I’m not too young to know that you’re not happy with him.” 

       ”Madden - I… You really don’t understand. Happiness… I’m fine with him. And I can take care of myself, I’m a big girl, Madden. Happiness doesn’t matter if you can’t survive.”


She gave a small smile as she spoke “Maybe one day we could it would be nice to have someone so close to you be with your forever.” she said happily as she looked at her best friend. 

"My father wants me to marry that Prince from the southern isles, he is widower and has seven children already!"

"Perhaps one day." Nessa sighed, pouting out her bottom lip. It would be much better than marrying some stranger she barely knew. Of course Augustus was attractive, but he was so arrogant. It irked the princess so.

"He can’t possibly." Anesa’s heart dropped at sudden news of the man her best friend’s father wished her to marry. She’d been told he was a prince… But a widower with seven children? "Ana, you can’t. That’s outrageous!"

'I object!'



          “Madden..? Madden, for heavens sakes what are you doing?”

"Stopping this nonsense." 


       ”What nonsense Madden? I am doing what I have to do. You’re too young to understand.”

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"I fucked Kristoff."

      “Excuse me, what?!”